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  Frequently Asked Questions on Botox / Toxin injectionsBotox

  1.  What is Botox / Toxin injections?

        -  Essentially Botox / Toxin is a medical treatment that has been found to reduce wrinkles and expresion

            lines on your face.

        -  Botox/toxin injections relax muscles, allowing for fewer ageing expressions. 

       There are 3 brands available in South Africa, legally:

        -  Botox is distributed by Allergan and consists of Botulinum Toxin type A spores.

        -  Dysport is distributed by Litha Pharm and also consists of Botulinum Toxin Type A spores, although of  

            smaller size.

        -  Boccature is distributed by Merz and consists of Botulinum Toxin Type A spores, also small in size.


  2.  Is Botox / Toxin safe, or will they cause long-term, irreverseable changes in my facial muscles?

        -  When Botox / Toxin is injected by a trained medical doctor; in controlled dosages; it is 100% safe.

        -  Botox / Toxin gets broken down with the muscle fibres it was attached to. It leaves the body after 3 - 4 months. The muscle will return to it's original activity,

            size, shape  and site as before.

        -  Botox / Toxin injecting isn't an add-on to Dr Melissa's practice. Botox / Toxin injections are the main procedure her practice performs and so she is well experienced.


  3.  How much do Botox / Toxin injections cost?

       -  Botox / Dysport / Boccature injections vary in cost from practitioner to practitioner, our average cost is R1500 per area, but this will obviously depend on how much

          Botox / Toxin your muscles require. It is hardly ever less than this. For male patients, the cost can double as their muscles are twice as big and twice as active.

       -  We charge R75 per unit of any Toxin we stock.  Treatment cost could also be determined by the experience of the Doctor you see- precise injections give better results

           with less used.

  4.  How long will my Botox / Toxin / Dysport last?

        -  Botox / Toxin takes anywhere from 1 - 14 days to kick in, and it lasts about three to four months as that's the amount of time it takes your body to make new muscle


        -  Excessive exercising/fast metabolisms will increase muscle turnover rates; therefore decreasing the time  needed between injections.  

        -  These patients’ Botox / Toxin / Dysport may not last as long.

        -  Normally though, regular maintenance (4 monthly) is the maximum allowed to keep you frown free and  smiling for months!

  5.  Is Botox / Toxin right for me?

        -  Botox / Toxin / Dysport injections are called the "secret weapon" in the fight against wrinkles.

        -  Toxin treats  existing lines and prevents new ones from forming.  

        -  Toxins are primarily used to treat frown    lines, crow’s fee  and forehead creases but can also be used in a number of other areas.  Botox / Toxin is effective to control

            excessive sweating, downturned smiles, lips your lower face and even your neck.

        -  When done well, Botox / Toxin is unnoticeable to those around you.

        -  You will just appear refreshed and more relaxed.


  6.  When is the best time to start using Botox / Toxin regularly?

        -  It's best to start in your late 20’s or early 30’s, when wrinkle formation can be prevented altogether.

        -  The goal is to still look like you, but a worry-free and less stressed version of you.


  7.  How should I prepare for my Botox / Toxin procedure?

        -  No alcohol prior to your consultation. Dr Melissa will cancel and reschedule. Alcohol decreases blood coagulation, which increases chances of bruising.

         -  No NSAID tablets plrior to your procedure (Brufen, Voltaren, Xefo, Ponstan or other non-steroidal anti-inflammatories).

         -  No *anti-platelet or *anti-coagulation medications to be taken for 5 days prior to your appointment (Gingko Biloba, St John's Wart, Green Tea, Aspirin, etc).


  8.  What happens on the day of the procedure?

   -   Firstly you will consult and discuss the procedure you want with Dr Melissa. She will give you a mirror to look into while you point out the areas that concern you

        the most. Dr Melissa will then recommend what areas she thinks will have the greatest impact and lowest cost to your wallet. The areas that bother us most, are

        most times not the first thing others notice when they look at us. Once you and Dr Melissa are in agreement with what needs to be injected, Dr Melissa will proceed

        to calculate the cost estimate for you. You will then decide on the areas to be injected and approve the estimated cost. Only on approval, by signing a consent form,  

        will Dr Melissa proceed to start mixing the Botox / Toxin dilution. 

     -  Your hair will now be positioned off your face, your make-up cleaned off, and your face sterilized with alcohol swabs. 

     -  The next step is to frown in all the areas that will be injected - this is to allow maximal precision of injection. 

     -  Dr Melissa then marks the injection sites with a white eyeliner and places the line-up of tiny syringes close at hand.

     ** If you suffer from a needle phobia; numbing cream may be applied as well as a light covering over your eyes. You may have a friend present for moral support if

      you so choose.


  9.  What will the recovery time be?

         -  You may have slight bruising or redness which usually dissipates quickly, but as mentions you should be able to resume normally activity straight after

             your procedure. 

         -  To prevent migration of the Botox / Toxin to unintended areas of the face, it is recommended that you do not lie down for at least four hours. It is also recommended

             that you avoid vigorous activity such as gym or anything else that involved straining or bending down for a few hours, preferably the rest of the day. 

         -   Do not go for a massage (face down) or rub the areas injected for at least 48 hours after the procedure please.


  10.  What results can I expect from Botox / Toxin injections?

           -  You should achieve a more youthful look, with reduced wrinkles and lines in your face, these results should last for around three to four months before wearing off.

           -  To maintain these results, you will need another round of injections.  Some individuals have seen the results last a lot longer, this is usually down to the fact that

               the muscles have unlearned how to frown and Botox / Toxin puts them at rest for long periods.  Some individuals have seen results in a little as four to five days but it

               takes up to two weeks for full results to manifest.


  11.  What are the possible side effects or risks involved in having Botox / Toxin / Dysport injected?

           - Most complications arise from incorrect dosage and poor injection technique, another reason to seek out a qualified medical practitioner, such as Dr Melissa. 

           - Some individuals reported headaches, but these are rare and usually resolve within 24 hours.  As with any procedure of prescriptive medication, one can never 

             eliminate  all risks. Luckily the side effects from receiving the treatment from a qualified professional are exceedingly small.  With too high dosages, or too short time 

             periods  between treatments, Botox / Toxin injections could leave you with a frozen look.


  12.  Does a Botox / Toxin treatment hurt?

           -  Some of our patients have reported that being injected feels like a pinch, if this is the case we may use a topical numbing cream or ice before your treatment.


  13.  Can I be Botoxed / have Toxin injections while pregnant or breastfeeding?

           -  We do not administer Botox / Toxin injections to any breastfeeding or pregnant patients.


  14.  Can you develop an immunity to Botox / Toxin / Dysport injections?

           -  Yes it is possible, rare but still possible. If Botox / Dysport is injected too often (<3 monthly) in the same area, it becomes less affective and your body will

               start building up a resistance to the molecule.

           -  Listen to Dr Melissa's instructions and do not go for top-ups at another Doctor within 3 months of having your   injections.

           -  Once you are resistant we can try to use Dysport / Botox instead, but it isn’t guaranteed that it may work, or will ever work again.


 15.  Is there a cure or reversal available for botched Botox / Toxin treatments that I had done?

     *** Come see Dr Melissa as soon as you think something isn't right. Dr Melissa is happy to assist with botched treatments from other practitioners too.

          -  If you have had Botox / Toxin injected badly, do not despair, the results are not permanent, the solution is time. Results will fade over the next 3-4 months. 

          -  There are drops that may lessens the appearance droopy eyelids, and some Aestetics light treatments may denature the Botox / Toxin, allowing faster recovery

              from it's effects.