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     Botox / Toxin Aftercare instructions:

  •     Needle marks fade within 20 minutes, so no actual down-time is experienced
  •     If you see a small bruis forming, apply light pressure on the area for 2min and some ice if available for 5 min.
  •     Effect will start working day 5-14, with the full effect only after 2 weeks. No touch-ups will be attempted before then!
  •     Please wait 4 hours before doing any physical, to minimize possible bruising.
  •     It's totally safe to put on make-up 1 hour after your injections.
  •     Do not use retinol or any product that is too active for a few days over the injected area (it may inactivate your botox/toxin).
  •     Do not sit in direct sunlight (car drivers beware!) or undergo Laser treatments for 2 weeks afterwards please (you will inactivate the botox/toxin)
  •     No hats, sweatbands, “Doeks”, Buffs or Helmets are to be worn for the first 24 hours.
  •     Do not lie down or go to sleep for 4 hours afterwards. Stay upright and don't apply pressure to any facial areas injected.
  •     No massages/saunas for 24 hours please.
  •     Do not rub or massage the slightly raised and red injection sites  -they dissappear within minutes if left alone.

                       **Dr Melissa injects very precisely, with minimum dilution to get targeted effects. So your botox/toxin won't be migrating anywhere else**