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 Botox, Dysport and other Toxin Injections:

      Botox / Dysport injectioins are the best known wrinkle reducers used by celebrities. But now you can join the millions of people across the globe that are

      now having regular Botox / Dysport injections done.  From home executives, to business executives...both sexes are jumping on this anti-ageing

      quick fix.

      Botox / Dysport injections should only be performed by a qualified Medical Doctor, such as Dr Melissa Smith.  When administered correctly,

      Botox / Dysport can result in a natural and undetectable, fresh and fully rested look. We do not aim for the frozen-face of bad Botox as seen on TV.


      Finding the right Aesthetic Doctor is the first step in your anti-ageing process. Many gp's, dentists and even some beauticians, offer Botox injections.

      But be sure to get a qualified and fully accredited Dr to work on you. Afterall, you only have one face. Unfortunately, it's not just a case of injecting

      something into the skin - it takes skill and a precise technique if you expect perfect results.  


      Botox / Dysport are registered, scheduled medications, and as such, can only be prescribed and administered by a Medical Doctor.

      Poor injection technique will result in a overly surprised look; a frozen face; a heavy hanging brow, or even a drooping eyelid!

      An inexperienced Dr could leave you with a lopsided face for months! So choose your Aesthetic Doctor wisely.

 Botox, Injectible Facial filler, injectible cosmetic filler

       How does Botox / Dysport work exactly?

Botox / Dysport are compounds made by a bacteria, called Botulinum Toxin. They are injected into a muscle, where they bind to the receptor and prevent it

from contracting the muscle. So when your nerves release the chemical to contract, the muscle simple doesn't respond. The muscle’s function then decreases, along

with the wrinkle that forms when contraction normally occurs. The overlying skin doesn't get folded, and eventually returns to its smooth natural state once again.

Botox / Dysport is not a once-off or permanent solution though. Your body regenerates your muscle receptors every 3-4 months; so you will require additional

Botox / Dysport injections then. A longer lasting effect can be acheived by adding Threads or Fillers at the same time, top the same area.


The Medical uses of Botox / Dysport:

  • Hyperhydrosis: Excessive sweating (under arms, hands, feet). Botox is very effective for complete sweating sesation,  and can last up to 12 months after only 1 procedure.
  • Deep frowns can be lifted out, and thin crepey skin can benefit greatly from one session of Botox / Dysport
  • “Ropey” stress bands in the neck can be relaxed and softened
  • Stop grinding your teeth - saving on dental costs and tooth loss
  • Migraine and headache relief for up to 6 months!
  • Botox / Dysport has even been proven to alleviate depression and anxiety  

    Areas where Botox / Dysport can be injected:

  • Crow’s feet next to the eyes
  • The frown lines between your eyebrows
  • Eyebrow furrows above each eyebrow
  • Horizontal wrinkles on the forehead
  • Along your jaw to shape your face and define your jawline
  • Lift lip corners - fixing the "Mona Lisa effect" with her down-turned mouth
  • Into the armpit, groin, palms and soles of the feet to reduce excessive sweating. When it is injected into the sweat glands, sweating and odor formation can be halted for up to 12 months. It's one of the most impactful, non-cosmetic uses for Botox.
  • "Ropey" tension bands in the neck can be erased
  • Bunny frown on nose bridge eliminated
  • Droopy nose tip can be lifted again
  • Gummy smiles can be dropped to cover the full gum area
  • Wideneing of the face due to excessive muscle mass in the jaw can be thinned down = thinner, more feminine face shape
  • An oily T-zone can be corrected by micro-Botox Microneedling or Mesotherapy injections
  • Sweating from the head, forehead and neck during exercise can be eliminated