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Dr Melissa M Smith 

 Where you can come to relax . . . and we do all the work!

Dr Melissa SmithDr Melissa wanted to create a space for patients to feel pampered; looked after, and treated like the queens they are.

You deserve to look and feel good everyday, with or without your make-up on. If you are happy, it will show in your smile.

                         That's what we aim for at our practice...Happy, smiley, confident patients!

Dr Melissa is internationally trained and an experienced injector, with 8 years of Medical Aesthetics experience.

She initially started her career in surgery, which is why anatomy remains the cornerstone of  her approach to any procedure.

She specialises in individually tailored Toxin (Botox / Dysport) and Filler (Restylane, Belotero, Princess) injections.  

Dr Melissa believes that each person's face is unique and deserves more than a 'paint by numbers' approach.

              **Please let us know if you have taken ill before arriving for your appointment**

We prefer to not do any procedures on you when you are ill. It may increase your post-procedural infection risk.

We would rather reschedule your appointment for another day.

    Dr Melissa's aim is not to change your look, or your unique facial characteristics, but rather to enhance your best features.

    Your loved ones know and love you as you are, so we don't want to change you to look like someone else. 

    Our aim is to send you home looking like a refreshed younger version of the one that looked back at you in th mirror this morning.

   Ageing is inevitable.  Luckily, there are now multiple scientific procedures available to us, to help erase the signs of the ageing process.

   We are able to 'turn back the clock', and naturally enhance your overall look, even with one visit.

* All our products are naturally bio-degradable, and leave no permanent residue behind in your skin or body.

** We only stock and use accredited international brands.

*** We place a high value on patient privacy, and as such, we do not discuss any of our patients will another patient; family member or industry supplier.

**** Dr Melissa M Smith is a wholly Medical Aesthetics practice. No general medical patients will be seen; no exceptions.